Advanced Buteyko Breathing Exercises (PDF Book)

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This digital book (completed in April 2013) is advanced, in comparison with standard Buteyko reduced breathing exercises, in the following areas (in italics):
- It describes relaxed breathing exercises for people with hypertension and panic attacks who are often unable to safely do breath holds and practice ordinary Buteyko reduced breathing exercises with a light air hunger due to worsened symptoms related to these health problems (increased blood pressure and a sensation of panic, respectively).
- The book explains how to gradually and safely proceed from easy Buteyko breathing exercises to its more advanced types, such as breathing exercises with a stronger degree of air hunger.
- Chapter 4 provides practical scripts for the use of imagery and visualization during Buteyko exercises.
- The book explains optimum and maximum durations for breathing sessions, and the phenomenon of overtraining due to Buteyko breathing exercises providing examples and steps for recovery.
- Chapter 5 of the book explains a very rare phenomenon of a lost CO2 sensitivity. This Chapter has a detailed comparison of this phenomenon with physiological effects related to the blunted CO2 sensitivity. The book provides practical step-by-step instructions how to overcome both of these health problems with lifestyle changes and other techniques.
- The book describes detailed instructions for application of Buteyko exercises during physical exercise, including walking and more intensive types of physical exercise, such as jogging.
- Chapter 6 describes the "click effect" that leads to nearly instantaneous transition to a much higher CP with very light breathing and no air hunger. For some (lucky) students, the click effect helps to quickly break through 40 s morning CP threshold and achieve immediate and significant physiological changes related to these health zones.
Some of these advanced details of the book are not covered in most courses for Buteyko practitioners and are unknown to most Buteyko practitioners.

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