How To Use Frolov Device - Instructions (PDF Format)

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How To Use Frolov Device - Instructions (PDF Format)

It is possible to use the Frolov device together with lifestyle changes and while applying the body oxygen test (or Buteyko CP test) in order to measure the effects of breathing exercises on body oxygenation.

With these ideas in mind and as a result of teaching the Frolov therapy to hundreds of my students, I developed these Frolov device instructions (PDF book). This Frolov device manual also include excellent Frolov device instructions (18 pages) developed by Dr. Sergey Nakifovich Zinatulin, MD, who was a pupil of Dr KP Buteyko and currently is the leading respiratory specialist at Dinamika company ( that is the main world's producer of the Frolov device. However, this book goes beyond breathing exercises and outlines the program to increase body O2 24/7.

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