Yoga Benefits (PDF Format)

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Yoga Benefits (PDF Format)

Want to get main yoga benefits and make sense of yoga? Have no direction in your yoga journey? Here is a recent book by Dr. Artour Rakhimov that provides yoga students with the direction and purpose in their yoga classes, and how to get yoga benefits as they were common generations ago. The essence of yoga is in yoga breathing.
You can practice yoga for months or even years, but if your body O2 content and basal breathing patterns (i.e., during sleep) remain unchanged, then you will suffer from exactly the same health problems as you have now (e.g., poor sleep, low energy, addictions, confusion, symptoms of diseases, and so forth).
If you increase your body O2 content up to 50-60 seconds you will achieve stunning health effects such as craving for exercise, natural great sleep that is less than 5 hours, your own desire to eat raw foods, and many other real yoga benefits.

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