Cancer Medical Triumph (PDF Format)

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Cancer Medical Triumph (PDF Format)

While most people and even many medical professionals are obsessed with diets and other magic solutions, this book suggests to review solid scientific evidence related to causes of cancer. Hundreds of medical studies confirmed that, on a cell level, cancer has a simple and single cause: low oxygen level in body cells. When O2 delivery fails below the norm, malignant cells have advantages for survival and growth. Therefore, tissue hypoxia is the driving force of cancer even though very few cancer books explain this key scientific finding.

The cause of low body O2 in people with cancer is their heavy and fast breathing that was confirmed by all studies that measured their breathing parameters.

Soviet and Russian MDs tested hundreds of people with cancers and found that all of them also had low results for the DIY body oxygen test. Apart from the Buteyko method and very successful clinical trial on metastatic cancer, this book reviews other self-oxygenation techniques and breathing exercises that increase body oxygenation.

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